Monday, September 22, 2008

Library time is update time.

The end of the video should say I LOVE YOU ALL! Sorry it got cut off for whatever reason.

I was going to add in the video that during my flight I was surrounded by two older british couples and they were so so sweet. They told me everywhere I need to go to while here and even offered me somewhere to stay. I was so shocked at how wonderful they were.

Ah I know what I forgot to mention....the MEN. So so so many to choose from. The best part? They all dress so perfect. Leather jackets, fitted jeans, scarves, beautiful hair I could go on and on. Have not had the opportunity to meet any just yet but I have only been here for 2 days and we're always with the international kids so it's rather difficult to branch out. However, the German guys are to die for.

Like I said, I will be taking pictures the next few days so I will upload those as soon as I can. I know I have more I am forgetting to say but there's been so much. I am responding to as much e-mail/facebook as I can so feel free to reply! 

ALSO! Get skype if you don't have it already! The times I will be on it would be in the afternoon for you all. See for me it is 7:39 whereas in the states it is 1:39ish. So basically anywhere from noon to 4 (your time) I will be on here!!! Maybe not everyday but quite close. 

I do plan to get a mobile (there's my English coming out....) most likely by the weekend. And I can receive calls for free!!!! So if you have an international plan or even skype you can call me!


Trish Strachen said...

JEANETTE!!! Hey babe! Im so glad to hear you made it okay. Take good care of that sexy hair of yours and don't let anyone mess up my work!! Well, send a wedding invite when you find your hottie with a naughty body!! Love ya and God bless you baby! Take Care!

Love Chad and Trish Strachen

Cory said...

"look a that bin ova there", beast part of the vid. and the youtube quality makes your eyebrows creppy, i love it and i love you.

Nikki said...

crap that comment was supposed to say BEST* not beast and it was supposed to be from me not cory, oops.