Friday, September 26, 2008

Merry Happy

Other things about this country I have noticed are how amazing everyone looks at all times. At my school's dining hall there are signs posted everywhere that read "No lounge wear!" You have to be dressed in actual clothing to eat. WHAT A BRILLIANT COUNTRY.
Also, girls here look so so so amazing to go almost anywhere, especially to town. Wow. Very hard to compete with. The # or pound key is called hash here. Ah! So much American music is on the radio here. It's literally almost the same as any station in the U.S.

Well....I'd say that is about it for now. I hope everyone is doing alright. 


Liz and Barb said...

The dancing at the beginning is my favorite part! LUMU sissy

Nikki said...

MERRY HAPPY!!!! cheese on toast
i love you so much. you are so so cute in the video and i think you are very comparable to the girls there...FREAK! oh and i work with a girl named Joy.

amyolson said...

The last like 30 seconds of that video are like THE BEST! Hahah. The 'joy' bit was hilarious. I also work with a girl named joy..probably because it is the same joy that works with nikki. Go figure. Oh! And Ali also works with a girl named joy. Probably because once again, it is the same joy. Oh! And in spanish ham is 'Jamon' pronounced 'Ha-Moan' which is fairly similar to the Gamon you talked about. Now you know!