Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here is a link to check out photos I took in London. Let me know if it works or not.


Lizzy said...

What's an Indie vibe/club/music? Just curious. Also- What has been the best meal so far? LUMU. I need to know what you want for Christmas. Maybe a new pillow since it sounds like the one you sleep on SUCKS!!

Lizzy said...

One more talk about what this and that costs- what's the conversion so I know what you're talking about. Please educate me. Thanks sissy!

Carol said...

Hey J,
I love watching your blogs; it's so much more personal than just reading one! It really is amazing to hear about everything you're doing.
KK emailed and told me her exciting news with student teaching coming up and her new love.
It blows me away that you kids are grown up and venturing forth with your lives as you are.
All's well here. Visited my grandkids in Iowa last weekend. Joey and I went out trick or treating. What fun that was!
Love, Aunt Carol

Alan said...

Jeanette I would love to know what your leather jacket looks like and what did it cost. I miss you and I am sorry you cannot experience the was wind chill -6 here in MN yesterday. love you motherxxx

Nikki said...

long hair babes, i miss you a lot munchkin.