Sunday, January 25, 2009

Birthday recap

I do apologize for how late this is. I'll try and keep up with this from now on.

Love and miss you all!



Nikki said...

You're starting to wear makeup more often...LOOKS NICE! I love the cameo they got you, I was dying or dieing (IDK ahah) to get one when I was in Europe, but I do have a necklace of one that my sister got me but I don't think it was hand-made like yours was, OH I could go forever. We went to a shop in Sorrento where a guy was making those and it is so cool how they do it,,,,they made them out of like different colored conch stuff. I miss you, and if I wasn't mistaken I'd say you were wearing the leaf ring!!!

love- bo bon john.

bellefourche said...

Cool broach! Happy Birthday - still a Capricorn? Welcome to PUBCRAWLERS!