Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Once again I do apologize for the late update. I wanted to wait until I was feeling somewhat better before I told you all about what's been happening. Here are a few pictures from Luton. Christmas dinner and figgy pudding baby!! I really did have a lovely time with Sophia's family and I hope to head back there before I head back to the States in June. I hope everyone had just as good of a holiday!



bellefourche said...

Hi, Nette
I'm pleased you decided to add to your experience by accepting a slightly different culture for Christmas. As you see, ya just never know what delight may be beyond that next turn. Good for you, you're asking for it; keep it up, even when it's dark.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to you, Jeanette!

I still recall the events of my 21st birthday to this day. The 21st is a major rite of passage into what is considered to be the entry into adulthood. How startling is that?

Keep on growing in all areas -- mental physical, emotional and spiritual.

Love, Aunt Carol