Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gas or Pitas?

I need your input!!



Hope said...


I don't know about your job dilemma... but the pita pit lady might be sugarcoating everything.... you never know. she could be just as crazy as you (wink).

you sound fabulous on the radio. i would listen to you everyday. religiously.

milton is a bitch. i attacked him all of the time at niki and cory's... fyi.

that sucks you'll be in minot when i'm in fargo.. when are you coming? i'm leaving for fargo at one pm - on friday. I'm going to see neech. and eat at HI HOOOOOO. burgers.

love you babay

Nikki said...

jeanettttttte. i like how you edit your videos. HAHAHAHAAAAA

Holiday is by my it! Ask Cory about Pita Pit, considering he was a manager at the one in MINOT HA!
But, if you work at Holiday, you could come over all of the time and hang wittt me! The Pita woman sounds pretty sick though. It seems like you would like Pita Pit more for some reason.

I really appreciate the video of you and Milt Milt at the end. And you sound goooooood on the radio.

jeanette said...

Cheers for the comments friends. I appreciate your opinions!
Epoh, I totally agree with the sugar coating thing. However I feel like I would be more busy at Pita Pit vs. standing around and staring at gas pumps all night. Um good news for you about next weekend, I arrive on Wednesday! We will see each other darlin. And you had better listen to me religiously when I get famous bitch. And I hope Milton calms down once his balls are gone.
Neech thank you for the editing comments. The lighting was totally random and I did not even change that, haven't a clue how it went from blue to normal. I totally would love to come hang out after Holiday but I wouldn't be done with my shift till after midnight waaaaah.
Shutter Island this weekend?!?!?! Cooking Sunday still?!?!?!?!?