Thursday, October 9, 2008

Insert famous baby cry---now.

So I'm guessing you're thinking to yourself..."HEY! Where is the video??"

Well, I have tried at least 6 times to make a new video for my blog but I have been interrupted each time by my roommate. So it looks like I will have to do this the old fashioned way. So stop your crying and put your glasses on. I know I'll be able to put a video up by the weekend but I have some stories to tell that are much too entertaining to wait for.

On November 22nd I will be attending a REAL football game. I say real because everyone here absolutely hates the way the U.S. has made football something completely different. I also say real because it's a premiere football league, in other words as good as it gets. I'll be watching the Liverpool "Reds" play the Fulham (south London) "Whites." All of the international students are absolutely thrilled to witness this. It will definitely be a highlight of my year here.

I was supposed to be going to a town called Blackpool this weekend but the trip has been rescheduled. Some of us are trying to plan to do some other type of trip but as of now I'm stuck in Chester for the weekend. I find it rather annoying that anything planned here ends up getting changed last minute. But that's really the English way of life. Very laid back, never on time for anything and very careless to be honest.

On to good news.....I ATE AT PIZZA HUT LAST NIGHT. I couldn't believe how comforting it was to eat there. It wasn't the same as home though, it was much more along the sides of fine dining...and I'm not even kidding. They had starters, tasting platters, pizza (which also did not taste the same but I will get to that later), pasta, sandwiches, chicken dinners, seafood dinners and incredible desserts. Ah, the pizza. I ordered pepperoni feast but when I took a bite it tasted like a bacon feast. I wasn't mad considering I miss bacon very much. For dessert I had profiteroles aka the dessert version of a yummy roll at Yuki Hana. It was basically a cold pastry stuffed with cream and smothered in chocolate.

HALLOWEEN IS NEAR!!!!! For those that don't know this is my favorite holiday in the whole world. We're having an international party on the Wednesday before and then most likely pub crawling on the actual night of Halloween. A few of us, including myself, will be going on a ghost tour of Chester (this town is apparently the most haunted town in all of Britain..?) It will be yet another wonderful Halloween. Ah, you're thinking "What are you dressing up as??" I WILL TELL YOU! I'! I got the costume yesterday and it makes me giggle. My inspiration? Well that is a long story but it involves an exciting bus ride and a man named Dale.

Closing remarks-----I found out my dear friend Cassie from back home has been accepted to study abroad in Sweden this next semester! This means I will be going to Sweden and she will be coming to Chester! All summer long the two of us have been going back and forth planning a summer Eurotrip. We will be visiting Italy, France, The Netherlands and Ireland. Hearing that she was accepted was just confirmation that the trip will actually happen. So congratulations once again Cassie and I can't wait to see a familiar face!!!!!!!!

Alright, I apologize for doing this the old fashioned way and making y'all read. Hope it was as enjoyable as a video would be. Like I said I will have a video up this weekend for sure.

Cheers and love to all!



Anonymous said...

i love you to death. I am SO GLAD the legacy of Dale has been brought abroad. Cheers to YOU, sib! I am so glad you are doing well, beyond well :)

bellefourche said...

Hey, Jeanette
If you've been invited to Europe for Christmas, why not go? Ya never know what outrageous experience an OPEN mind might conjure up; Europe is way cool and..... more than once. You might even have a choice of snow or, no snow..........
Love, Brent