Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sepia baby

Wow, I didn't realize it was like 10 minutes long. Hahahaha. Sorry.....? Nahh I'm not. Megan Havig had a great idea though. Comment this or e-mail me questions you have for me and I will answer them in the next video!

I miss you all so much. Please fill me in on what is happening with your lives, I really am curious. And Benjamin Kjos if you are reading this we've got to work this out. No pun intended there but we really must start talking again! Just remember........you are the music in me. :)



Nikki said...

your hair is getting long...looks good, HAHAHA squirrels and touching. i want a fun pub. georgian dragon george and dragon. dont worry we are going to play mafia via video. EVRY SHOWING your crazy, im going to one. personally that is kind of expensive crazy lady!

amyolson said...

JEANETTE I AM COMING TO ENGLAND TO MEET THOSE SQUIRRELS!!! WHY ARE YOU EVEN GOING TO A ZOO? NO ZOO WILL BEAT THE MOMENTS YOU HAD WITH THOSE SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, but when you do go to the zoo, and see the mother and her lion cub(yes, cub) run up to the cage dramatically and yell "Scar, Brother, Help me!" And then scream "NO!!!" It would make my day. Have one of your friends play mafia with us via camera and then they will see how fun it is! Also, maybe one of the mexicans or germans is more into 'childish' things that the brits? Who knows. Do you know what?Let me tell you, they're just afraid of exploring there inner child...or something. I can't believe you're going to every showing of HSM3. That's great. And I LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that they call you leader. That is fantastic, like you have no idea how hard I laughed at that. Also, how hard I laughed at your professor story about the approval for all things american. Next time he says something about america just shake your head 'no' and look down, dissapointed. Or! Better yet! Get up and storm angrily out of the room after shouting "That is not how it is in America!" Speaking of which, that 'american chicken' is ridiculous, RIDICULOUS! I'd die. Miss you! This is long.

KK said...

Jeanette Isabella...
I HATE squirrels! They're so fricken squirrely! They run around campus and pop out of garbage cans...it's freaky!
Anyways, I'm glad you're making pancakes. Drew and I just made some on Sunday. We are going to Mom's house in Minnesota today. Oh, I have a suggestion for you...I think you should start every blog by saying the day and what time it is there and maybe even what you just got done doing. I'm curious about my little sister. Love you and miss you very much! Watch out for the squirrels and wash your hands after you touch them!! Yuck!
Goodbye Leader
Love you
ps...i get to see Lucy today!

Liz and Barb said...

Me-me (or should we spell that mi-mi),
I love your videos. They make me laugh. I miss you so much. I hope you enjoyed your pancakes tonight. Can you find turkey bacon there? How about chicken noodle soup and orange juice? Little Sadie says hi! Don't ever forget about our trip to Parson's. LUMU sissy!!

Lizzy said...

PS- I created my own account. I was having to use my monavie account. KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING!

Amanda Allen said...

hahaha oh my gosh, i forgot about this video. "lion mom... cub?" and your squirrel freak out, and American chicken. Brilliant. i love you.