Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tour of North Wales

I went to North Wales today and visited many famous attractions. The greatest of them all was the Conwy Castle. It was raining off and on throughout the day but it was still an amazing experience. I visited  Snowdonia National Park and got my ass handed to me....literally. It was SO windy on the hills that I was blown over. I was soaking wet for the rest of the day. AH! I also ate at Great Britain's number one place for fish and chips! Very very satisfying. Hmm what else. OH! I saw Anthony's Hopkins retirement residency. I'm sure there is more but for now enjoy the pictures!


Jane said...

jeanette your pictures are beautiful, it looks like mostly girls in the pictures---are there any guys in your group? I am on call here this weekend and next weekend also. I will try to send you some pictures from an afternoon of hiking around here. I miss you and I like your wellies. xxxmother

bellefourche said...

Hey, Baby
Great photos - have a ball, you're on your way. I probably won't be coming to England, at least not soon; who knows, perhaps you'll still be there when I can.
Love, Brent

Nikki said...

how pretty, i love the wellies picture, you all are too cute looks like great friends main.

KK said...

Jeanette Isabella...
Loved the rain boots.
Wish I could've see you eat it.
Glad you weren't hurt.
Sorry you're clothes were soaked.
Miss you.
Love you.