Monday, September 27, 2010

Safety first



Hope said...

great ending.

i feel so bad for your biking tremors - i always ALWAYS keep a look out for people in parked cars. i hate that idea of being car-doored. yuck. even though if i saw someone and they swung open their door, i would still be screwed. a bike mirror might also come in handy. i still need to get a helmet. there are these cool ones ( they're kind of spendy, but super cute. i'm glad you got one. please don't get seriously injured...
and i think that given my recent incident... i might have rather been car-doored in front of 30 people than what happened via interwebs. incredibly embarrassing.
but on a happier note i'm glad i could be this weekend's entertainment!!!


Megan said...

sib, i miss your hand gestures. but your head movements made up for....

Glad your ok!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap, Jeanette! I hate to hear you got mutilated by traffic in Chicago! You are quite courageous, I'd probably hang it up.
You LOOK very well. Please take care.
When will you be down?
Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob

Nikki said...


I love those nutcase helmets... I want one.


Jay and Liz said...

I prefer hand gestures!