Friday, September 10, 2010


Come and visit me in Chicago!


Hope said...

yay jeanette!!
this is the best blog yet. very cool jobs - you seem so happy.
and the shout outs were so nice!
your roommate seems pretty awesome

miss you

"jungle julia" (ALTHOUGH I'M BUTTERFLY FOR HALLOWEEN - adam is stuntman mike)

jeanette said...

Thanks sugar, I am so happy!

Lovin your Halloween get up. It will be a hit!
Miss you!!

Nikki said...

hahahaha... your hair is great. i cannot believe hope is being butterfly for halloween... that is ME!
anyway, put lemon juice or ascorbic acid on your apples and they taste the same and look great!! i just had a 4 hour food lab on apples... crazy.

the beginning song for this is hilarious, can't wait till next weekend babay.

your roommate is HILARIOUS, i want to be his friend.
loves ya bon.

Jay and Liz said...

LUMU sissy... thank god you have a hair appt Saturday.